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Welcome to "Vogue Vision," a pioneering online workshop designed for photographers who aspire to master the art of elegant and fashion-forward maternity portraits. This course is meticulously crafted to guide you through the process of creating timeless, sophisticated maternity imagery with an emphasis on style and grace.


What You'll Learn:


In this video I demonstrate the art of transforming simple elements into high-fashion maternity photography. Watch as I work with just one backdrop and a few inexpensive materials to craft images that not only celebrate maternity but also stand as unique pieces of art.


Different Lightning Techniques:  I show you a lot of different lighning techniques, to help you achive different looks on your sessions.


Artistic Insight: Gain insights into the techniques that can turn ordinary settings into stylish, elegant scenes befitting any fashion magazine


Post-Processing Mastery:  I walk you through a detailed  editing process. Learn how to enhance your photos digitally to achieve that perfect blend of realism and artistic flair.


Who Should Enroll:

This course is perfect for photographers at any level who are looking to specialize in maternity photography, improve their fashion styling skills, or simply want to expand their portfolio with elegant, eye-catching images.


By the end of "Vogue Vision," you will not only have the skills to create beautiful, fashion-inspired maternity photos but also the confidence to experiment and express your artistic vision.


After tyour purchase you will recieve a recorded video about the complete workshop, so you can rewatch it as many times you need. 




Workshop costs CHF 275



These Terms and Conditions govern the agreement between you and Veronika Marques Photography. By booking this workshop you agree to this agreement.This is an online digital product so unable to offer any refunds or exchanges. Participants must agree that all information learned in this workshop is for personal use only and you will not resell the knowledge gained during the workshop. It is illegal to share this content with any other person. This workshop isn't allowed for photographer trainers. All purchases will be checked before the link are sent out.


  • 15. JUNE 2024 - 4PM (CET)