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about me


I am Veronika Marques, a passionate portrait photographer with a decade of experience dedicated to capturing the essence of life's most beautiful moments. As a mother of three, I understand the profound joy and transformative power of motherhood. It is my greatest pleasure to specialize in maternity and portrait photography.


Throughout my career, I have been honored to receive numerous international photography awards, a testament to my commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Each image I create is infused with artistry and emotion, ensuring that your memories are not just preserved, but elevated into stunning works of art.


Introducing an exquisite experience like no other - immerse yourself in the world of luxury maternity photosessions. Our exclusive service is designed to capture the beauty and radiance of expectant mothers, celebrating this precious chapter in their lives with elegance and sophistication.


Capture the timeless innocence of your newborn with a heartwarming photosession, preserving precious moments that will be cherished for generations to come.


Preserve the timeless beauty of your cherished family moments with our exquisite fine art photo sessions, capturing the essence of your love and joy


Contact us to explore a luxurious journey of custom styling and photography that truly embraces life's special moments!

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